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The Toyota TRUESTART Advantage

TRUESTART--The Best Battery Choice

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Selecting the Toyota Truestart replacement battery takes all of the guesswork out of the process. Whether you install it yourself, or we install it for you, you get:

  1. The only replacement battery designed to meet Toyota's stringent specifications
  2. The correct physical size to fit your vehicle without modification to the battery hold-down bracket or battery tray
  3. The correct terminal location and size to fit your wiring harness
  4. The correct capacity to store and deliver electricity--please note that most vehicles originally sold in the Central Atlantic Region have batteries with higher storage capacities than the same vehicle originally sold, for example, in the Southeast or Gulf States Regions, and require a different battery
  5. The Toyota dealer network standing behind the battery for up to seven years.  Truestart batteries are covered at 100% of parts and labor, including towing to the closest Toyota dealer if necessary, for the first two years.  For the third and fourth years, Truestart batteries are covered at 50% of the part, and for the fifth through seventh years, Truestart batterys are still covered at 25% of the part.

We have the correct replacement Truestart battery in stock for your Toyota when you need it, and it can be installed while you wait. We will also be happy to test your existing battery for free, so why take chances? Toyotas are famous for their reliability, and the Truestart battery lives up to that reputation. Contact our service team at 703-359-2955 or schedule your repair or maintenance appointement online now!